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Unlearn And Be Transformed

Just because you were raised a certain way, to believe certain things and to see things a certain way doesn’t make it right or even true, in some cases.

As children, we learn all sorts of things, we are like little sponges, absorbing the world around us. But not everything that was absorbed was good, right or healthy.

You ever wonder what learned behaviors you have acquired over the years? Are you even aware of them? Ask God to search your heart for anything that is unpleasing to Him. Even those things that are deeply rooted “norms.” There is freedom to be had. Just because “it’s always been like that”, doesn’t mean it needs to continue. Break off those familiar behaviors, thought patterns, misconceptions and lies by the power of the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus. Bring them into the obedience of Jesus Christ. Be a prisoner no more.

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