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Renewed Mindsets

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Your attitude determines your altitude. I'm sure that many of us have heard this saying. What I've learned is this: those of us who were not raised to know the Lord, have been conditioned to believe whatever this world has fed us. We have been conditioned to believe that the things that we see on the outside determine who we are on the inside. This, my Brothers and Sisters is a lie.

For example, if you grew up in or lived in poverty, you may have been conditioned to think that you are poor and that there is no way out of it. You settle on this being your inward attitude.

One day I was driving through a certain part of Albany, NY and the Holy Spirit spoke to me, saying that poverty is a mindset and is an open door (world) prison. That through the generations, those who live in poverty will never leave the open prison because of their mindset of: this is who I am and I can’t do any better than this.

The things that go on around us do not determine who we are on the inside, unless we believe it. Do you know that the human mind is so powerful, that even God cannot change our minds? Well, not unless we yield to His will. Read Exodus 13. When Pharaoh let God's people go, God could have guided them on a shorter path, but because He knew that they were not mentally prepared for a fight, He led them on a long way around. It was easier for God to part the Red sea than it was to change the mindset of the Israelites. After 430 years of slavery, they became comfortable in their servitude. They allowed their outward circumstances become their inward attitude. They didn't want to leave. Why?

God doesn't want mindless robots, He wants us to choose tho walk with Him, and allow Him to guide us on the narrow path that leads to eternal life. We are to believe who God says we are, not this world, our circumstances, or society. We have been conditioned to think that the things of this world are acceptable and right. I call it systematic generational destruction. We pass along the mindset to the next generation and the cycle continues. An entire generation had to die before God could get Egypt out of them. They complained continually, even though God provided evidence of who He is and for every need that they had.

We have to renew our minds by the washing of the word to change the mind, which is no easy task, but in Christ, it is possible (Romans 12:2). Someone said to me once, "Our minds are so powerful. Have you ever walked into a room and forget why you even went into the room in the first place?" We must learn to yield our minds to the will of God, that we may be able to resist the lies and the false sense of what's right and what's wrong. That we may live a life in true relationship and will of our Father. Be blessed brothers and Sisters.

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