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Letting Go And Letting God

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Where God is trying to take us, we can’t bring all of that old stuff we used to carry around. When we gave our lives to God, we were to put off the old man (our old ways of thinking, talking, behaving, responding and the sin in our lives) and put on the new man: Jesus Christ (He is our example).

As we move forward in our walk with the Lord, we should be shedding and ridding ourselves of our old sin nature and becoming more and more like Jesus. That’s the walk, right?

Where God is trying to take you, that old stuff can’t go. It will be a distraction to you, it will hinder you and you won’t be able to carry the weight of the anointing while holding onto those old things. Allow God to heal you and bring the newness of life into your soul. Jesus said, take My burden and My yoke, for they are easy and light. Why? Because He didn’t hold onto unforgiveness, bitterness, pain, pride, guilt, shame, etc. And since He is our example, neither should we.

Yes, it’s a process to get rid of those things. But I’m telling you, once you feel the freedom from dropping one of them, you’ll want to keep letting them all go. You’ll be willing to allow God to do the work of removing the baggage. Receive correction when it comes. Receive the chastening of the Lord when it comes. Sometimes that’s how God shows us what’s in our hearts and then we can allow God to speak truth to us and heal us. That’s also how He shows us that He loves us. What father, if he loves his child, doesn’t correct them?

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