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Great Awakening!

Ever think about the Egyptians, what they must have thought, how they felt as plague after plague came upon them? The ones who didn’t agree with Pharaoh, but were powerless to do anything. While the people of God were not affected. God allowed so much destruction and death to occur, why? Why would God allow this? Well, we know it was to show Pharaoh and all of the world who the one true God is.

Plague after plague ruined the water, land and the lives of the first born of every family. This was a necessary, but painful season. Think about what we see on the news, social media post etc. everyday. Could this be a necessary, painful season to usher in great freedom? Except this freedom will be for those who have been lied to and had a veil over their eyes, those who have been programmed to listen to everything that is fed to them by the media. Could we be on precipice of a great Exodus for the lost?

There are many who don’t agree with all of the violence and destruction, but don’t know the Lord. Could they be apart of the Great Awakening?

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