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Ladies Linking Arm

Joining the daughters of God together in unity.

Ladies Linking Arms was birthed out of a God given desire to unite the daughters of God. This ministry provides a safe, loving environment for women to come together, encourage one another, to be free to share who they are and receive truthful guidance, love, correction and edification. Our sisters get a chance to discover their gifts and use them to glorify God. Our gathering include worship, prayer, fellowship and Biblical teaching. Each month, there is a different topic, considered by prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Ladies Linking Arms was established in November 2017. Our first meeting was held in a January of 2018, open to all Sister who believe in Jesus Christ. Since then, there have been many testimonies of amazing healing, deliverance and growth. 


As the Lord continues to lead us, we have a collective vision of growth on a national and international level. Many prophetic words have been given regarding the growth for this ministry for the glory of the kingdom of heaven. Many of the daughters of God, who attend our meetings, are wounded and need continued healing and strengthening. At Ladies Linking Arms, we, through the power and leading of the Holy Spirit, will continue to provide a safe and blessed place for their spiritual growth and development. We have strong women of faith, from all denominations, come as guest speakers, to deliver Holy Spirit filled messages to our sisters for encouragement and to take action and make changes in their lives, to grow closer and deeper in their faith and trust in Lord.


Ladies Linking Arms has plans to help positively impact the community around us by giving back to those in need. Buying school supplies and clothing for children, donating much needed items to the local shelters and other ministries and to bless families during the holiday season. Ladies Linking Arms is more than just a group of women getting together, we are the daughters of God gathering together to worship with our gifts, talent and love. As leaders, Da’Antria, Donna and Lillian look forward to all that the Lord has for us to do in the Capital Region of Upstate New York and beyond.

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